We are Local Real Estate Professionals right here in Lubbock, helping people solve their real estate needs and problems. With your needs in mind, we are only looking for a Win-Win or no deal. We have set higher standards than most and are going to be completely honest with you. Our integrity matters to us and we hope that you will see that!

Here at Cross Point Homes, we are looking to buy real estate in any condition and in any location here in Lubbock. To see more on what kind of houses we buy, view the “Sell your home” tab. Once we buy your house, we either renovate the property or sell it to someone who wants to renovate it themselves. Once the property is renovated, this causes the market area to increase in value and also creates a great buying opportunity for someone else. If you are looking to buy a house, view the “Buy a home” tab.

Also here at Cross Point Homes, we work with Investors and Realtors who are looking for a way to invest their money and have a good rate of return. Not only that, it’s backed up by real estate, making it a secured investment. For more information, view the “Investor” tab.

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