Buy A Home

Looking for a home in Lubbock and/or to get Pre-Qualified? What if you need Owner Financing? Done!

A very important and one of the first steps in buying a home is to get pre-qualified with a mortgage lender. This will give you and us an idea of the price range you can afford. With that information, we can then find you a home that meets your criteria. However, to qualify, you do need extremely good credit. Lenders are getting more and more strict on lending. This is why we also offer Owner Financing. We understand these lender guidelines can prevent even the most weathly people from buying a home. Call us today and ask about owner financing! I guarantee our rates are competitive!

Getting pre-qualified is something all Realtors help you do and it is a simple process that requires you to provide some basic income information. This generally just takes a few minutes over the phone, via email or you can arrange a face-to-face meeting. We can arrange a lender to call you today at no cost to you! Call us Today!

The benefit of getting pre-qualified is that it implies that you’re a serious buyer. It can be the deciding factor in a situation of multiple offers on a property. Real Estate service is free to you when buying a home and we have access to every home for sale in Lubbock. Contact us today to the right or call us at 806-553-5526 get pre-qualified to start your home search today with the #1 real estate team in Lubbock!